Diary of a Bride | Once in a Lifetime Veil

I finally got the exciting call that my wedding dress has arrived! Since then (aside from trying to stop myself from driving to Charlotte to try it on every weekend), I have been thinking a lot about the accessories that go with it. Besides a belt, I do not have anything else to go with it.

The most obvious accessory that needs to be tackled is the veil. Going into this I didn’t really have a clue about veils, or which kind I liked. Once I started looking I realized how much I LOVED them. I think they are so elegant and classic and what other time in my life will I be able to wear one?

Here is a super helpful blog post that I found about the subject. I absolutely die for the floor length one they have pictured:

Ultimately, I have decided to restore the veil that my mother wore in her wedding. I don’t want to give too much away but it has lace edging which I am in love with! I will use that as my something old and I am excited about the special touch it will bring to our wedding. What are your thoughts on veils?