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Now to the really fun stuff! Last weekend we registered for wedding gifts!!! This is such a fun aspect of wedding planning that your groom can really get into... or at least mine did!!! First, we researched if couples still went to register in person, or if it's all done online these days. Thankfully a lot of people still register in person! It was so much more fun that way, and Adam was super excited to be the keeper of the scanner! So throughout all the wedding planning, when it's all said and done, he'll always have the scanner to take credit for!! Second, we researched where to go. When I think of my happy little married home and life down the road I always have imagined Pottery Barn and Williams and Sonoma everything! But I had to ask myself, if that is realistic for all my guest? Even though this is your wish list, you have to take into consideration your guest, where do they like to shop, what is a good price point for everyone, does that store have locations everywhere, or a good online buying system? We settled on Crate and Barrel, a more modern specialty choice, and then Bed, Bath and Beyond, which has everything and is a classic choice. I kept reading that it's best to register at 2-4 places, to give your guests choices, but not seem greedy! We're doing 3... the 2 stores, and then a honeymoon fund website, which I'm so excited about! It's the latest and greatest in wedding registering. You can set it up for where you're going and staying and guest can log on and buy you things you plan on doing during your honeymoon, like a scuba diving class, a couples massage, or even dinner or 2 drinks at the pool bar. SO cool right?! We haven't gotten very far with this yet, because we don't even know where we're going, so we will be setting that up a little later... stay tuned!


So then we looked up tips for registering, which was a huge help! We had no clue to ask about perks! Most places will send you free stuff if you register for certain items in the store, and they almost all offer 10-20% off after the wedding on the items you don't receive as gifts. I also found advice like registering for bigger more expensive things even though you know no one will probably buy them... You could still get that discount yourself when it's all said and done! You should also take an hour or so before you go to take stock in what you already have and what you don't have. And some advice from our personal experience this past weekend... Carve out several hours for this!! I'm a shopping fanatic and so is Adam, or he is as much as a guy can possibly be, and not even that could get us through! You need a lot of caffeine, a full stomach and at least a 3 hour commitment! And probably two days... We spent 3 and a half hours at Crate and Barrel on Saturday and 2 and a half at Bed, Bath and Beyond on Sunday!

We also picked one place in our home to focus on at each location. Kitchen and dining things at one store and then bed and bath items at the other. This way we wouldn't end up with a bunch of the same items at both stores on the 2 registries. Then once we got home, we went online and made sure we deleted duplicate items, although we did crossover on the things we liked and wanted the most. Another really fun trick, when you get home and view your new registry online, most places have a little heart icon above each item that you can click to put the items that you consider your favorite at the top of your registry, so your guest can see which items you want the most! Managing a registry online is super easy too... you can go on there at any time and remove items, add items, see what's new in the store, and see what your guest have already bought you... Of course if you can't wait for the surprise!


The whole process was super fun and we kind of looked at it as a really fun date for us to do together! Everyone at both stores was so nice and appreciative that we chose to register with them! They walked us through the process from start to finish and told us all about the best products and all the perks. A fun wedding registry fact... Bed, Bath, and Beyond also has things like wedding invitations, decorations and jewelry!! Who would of thought?! I guess that's the "beyond" part! ;)

Here are the links to find out the best places to register and the tips to follow! Happy registering!

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