Diary of a Bride | Follow Allison's Journey | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

I have always learned best from the experiences of others.  I might go out on a limb to say it's true for most people.  I think that's why I have always loved teaching.  I get so excited to share my experiences & my knowledge so that I can hopefully help someone better their journey and avoid mistakes. My concept for Diary of a Bride came about when I was thinking of ways that I could help my brides.  I really wanted to make the planning process easier for them.  Perhaps I could give them advice through my blog or share links to helpful wedding sites.  Well, if you know me, I still wanted to do more.  I knew I could provide some great tips and resources, but it has also been 5 years since my wedding and there are some things that I just don't remember. I thought how wonderful would it be to follow a real - life bride as she plans her wedding.  Now, since we can not literally follow her around as she picks out flowers or goes on a cake tasting (although wouldn't that be lovely!), I thought how perfect would it be to blog about it.  Light bulb!! Diary of a Bride!

Allison will be one of my 2014 Brides.  She and Carter have exactly 1 year until their beautiful wedding in the Historic town of Charleston, SC. Although she has accomplished a few things on her wedding to-do list, there are still many things left to be done.  Allison is going to open up the doors to her wedding planning and allow us to venture in and follow along. She plans to write about every little detail - the good and the not-so good, in hopes that other brides out there will benefit from what she is going through.

The journey begins tomorrow. Be sure to grab a coffee and log in to meet Allison & Carter for the very first time.