Diary of a Bride | Flowers | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

Last week I went to have dinner at a friend’s, who is getting married in August. Inevitably our conversation led to wedding fun and centerpieces came up. I love flowers so centerpieces are something I have really been looking forward to doing. That being said, I don’t think most guests really remember the flowers, and since we are on a budget I know that our centerpieces will need to be simple and minimal. No elaborate, cascading ones for this girl, as much as I would love that! My girlfriend gave me a great idea for something she has been working on- glass bottles of all different sizes and shapes.

I love the simplicity of this look and it is definitely something I am thinking about doing. The great thing about it is anything goes and it’s easy to put together. I think the mixing and matching is so fun and really adds a personal touch. She has been scouring the internet for bottles the past couple of months and recommends Ebay,Etsy and www.save-on-crafts.com  for great deals!