Diary of a Bride | Etsy Invitations | Charleston Wedding Photographer

As I have told you all before I made the choice to make my own invitations. This was a really hard decision for me because there are SO many beautiful options out there! I have gone back and forth several times-my final temptation was this beautiful one from Sweetest Beginnings Stationary and Design. I am in love with the flowers (and colors of course).

sweetest beginnings

Ultimately though I think DIY is what I would like to do. Originally my friend that is helping and I were searching all over the internet for wording examples, different fonts, etc. No matter what I did or found something just did not feel right. Then I headed over to my favorite place for all things weddings-Etsy! I had browsed their amazing selection of wedding invitations before, but never even thought to look at their templates.

Many sellers will sell actual invitations, but also the template for a reasonable price that you can use to make your own.  After finding several I liked I think I finally have the one! You will have to wait until after they have been sent out to see it! After I buy the template I will take it to a printing shop and have them printed- so easy! I feel like this will help save me money in the long run and am excited about it. Do you know anyone who has used Etsy for invitations? Or made their own? Please share, I would love to hear your thoughts or advice!