Diary of a Bride | Dresses, Tuxes, Oh My! | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

Last week I decided to get serious about what Carter and his groomsmen were going to wear. I really love a gray suit but Carter has mentioned wanting to wear a tux, so we started to look at different options to see what we both liked. It was not until then that I realized how little I know about menswear! I never knew there were different types of suits, had never heard of a lapel and definitely never thought that I would care so much about any of it.

I found a cheat sheet on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/pin/132011832800163984/) which helped me to get an idea of what I was looking at and understand the basics of selecting what we want.  This weekend we are going to try some on in person, so fingers crossed we will make up our minds!

Here is another cheat sheet if any of you out there are looking for your wedding gown: http://pinterest.com/pin/132011832800164017/. All the terminology can be overwhelming and these have been a lifesaver in getting me acquainted!