Diary of a Bride | Choosing the right Band | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

Carter and I both have always loved live music so when it came to talking about our entertainment for the reception having a band was something we felt strongly about. I started looking for wedding bands in Charleston and quickly got overwhelmed. I was looking at way too many groups with all kinds of price ranges, going from loving one that was way over my budget to getting my heart set on another before I found out they were unavailable. After I finally had enough I gave up and delegated the task to Carter. He blew me away with how easily he handled everything! I know it sounds like common sense, but he stuck to only looking at bands in our budget. H under-quoted and made sure they were available before getting carried away with how awesome they were going to be on our big day. I was so surprised how willing bands are to negotiate with you. We are in the process of deciding between 2 bands right now and both have been super flexible and accommodating on the budget.

I am always hesitant to ask for lower prices and bargain with people, but this whole process has really helped me to see that people will work with you on budget. Don’t be afraid to at least ask!