Diary of a Bride | Budget Savvy | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

The first step to planning a wedding is determining your budget. If you are like me (and most brides) you will have some kind of limitation on what you can spend. If you aren’t….well lucky you! Traditionally the parents of the Bride were the ones responsible for the majority of the costs and the groom’s parents took care of just a few items. Today, with the average cost of a wedding at $27,000 times have definitely changed. When you are ready to start planning, ask your fiancé and each other’s parents how much everyone is comfortable spending overall. Make sure everyone is on the same page!

One of the first things I realized about wedding planning is that ideas and costs can get out of control very quickly. Once we had our budget Carter and I sat down and made a list of what we wanted, and the top three things that were the most important to both of us. As nice as it would be to incorporate everything we want, choices have to be made. This “top 3” list has been really helpful for me when figuring out where to put our money.

One website I have found extremely useful is www.marthastewartweddings.com. You will have to sign up, but it is completely free! Her planning and tools section is awesome- I especially love the budgeting tool. You put your budget in and everything is broken down for you, from the band to the bridesmaid’s gifts, with an estimated amount of how much you should spend on each to stick with your original total. When you start typing in your actual costs you see how going way over on your reception venue (oops!) affects everything else.

Sticking to my budget has been difficult but is something that is obviously necessary. Using this budget tool has helped me to stay on track and is definitely worth checking out!

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