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Now that you all have been introduced to the groomsmen... it's time to meet the maids! A girl can't imagine her wedding without her best friends standing behind her, fixing her train, holding her bouquet while she says her I do's, and holding up her dress while she pees! Asking my girls to be a part of my big day was always one of the first things I thought about when day dreaming about my wedding! I've been so blessed with so many friends in my life, any of them would of been great for the job! But at the end of the day, I wanted to pick those who have been there for every heart break, every big life turning point, supported every good and bad decision I've made, and the girls who know Adam and I's relationship in and out and love the idea of us becoming one person in our life's journey. Six of those friends fit that description to a tee and I'm so grateful for their commitment to our big day! (Listed from left to right in the picture below) My maid of honor is my best friend of 9 years, sorority sister from USC, and right hand lady during this wedding planning process... Ms. Kelly Delay. My bridesmaids are LJ, the sorority sister and BFF who is responsible for me meeting my future husband, Lindsay, a best friend from USC who was one of my biggest parter's in crime through all the sorority shenanigans, Emily, my best news lady friend from journalism school at USC, Katie, a best friend to both Adam and I who has seen our relationship grow in Charlotte from pretty much day 1, and Nina, the mother of the precious little girl I've worked with for the past 2 years, who has transitioned from a boss to a best friend and one of the greatest inspirations in my life! These girls are my everything!  

bridesmaid intro collage


Now for what these lovely girls will be wearing... of course I only want the best for my ladies! And I knew ever since I started thinking about my wedding I didn't want the traditional bridesmaid dresses, and when I say I wanted them to be able to wear it again I really meant it! I looked online a lot and found some that I liked, but they just all had the bridesmaidy look and we're $300 plus! I was starting to get frustrated, because I really couldn't decide on our final wedding colors without the dresses! So I went to Pinterest for inspiration and ended up finding so many Pins from Etsy! So I went there to continue my search... best decision I've made so far! I immediately found exactly what I was looking for! Now, some might think this sounds kinda crazy... I found an Etsy shop owned by a dress maker in China with gorgeous dresses! Of course I was nervous about it... I started out by doing all my research. I read every review and contacted her explaining exactly what I wanted. She was so sweet, so easy to communicate with and very accommodating! She sent me a lot of color swatches and I then decided to move forward and order a dress of my own to try it out and make sure it's exactly what I wanted before asking my maids to order theres. The dress was made and at my door in just 3 weeks and it was exactly what she said it would be! So I officially said yes to the bridesmaid dresses!


bridesmaid dresses


...all the tops will be silver, 2 dresses will have an olive green skirt, 2 will have plum purple skirts, 2 will have dark teal skirts. All that gorgeousness for just $160! And the silver will go so well with another really important dress I know of!!! ;) I highly recommend Etsy and Sarah's shop! (Check of the shop HERE )


Not only do these special ladies have to buy their dresses, but there's all the other commitments that come with the bridesmaid responsibility, so I knew when I popped the question to them, I wanted to do it in a really special way! Like I said, only the BEST for my girls! I made each of them a cute little package with a bottle of wine with a custom label saying, "I've got the guy, but I need my girls," the first of their jewelry they will wear for the wedding.. a cute "help me tie the knot" bangle, and a folder with all the dress and wedding info inside! They loved it and they all said YES!


bridesmaid gift

bridesmaids and their gifts


Check out the Etsy shop where I found the wine labels here. 


Also, the Etsy shop where I found the tie the knot bangle here.


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