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When getting to know Adam and I it's only necessary for you to get to know the QUEEN of our castle, Lola.

She’s our almost 5 year old, 10lb snorkie, a yorkie schnauzer mix. Lola has had a huge part of our relationship! I got her as a 10-week-old puppy before Adam and I met, and when we started dating I’m sure he had no idea what he was getting into and just how much of package deal we were. It was pretty much love at first sight with those two and thankfully she has zero objections to us getting hitched! Lola is not only one of the cutest pups you will ever meet, she’s also an extremely particular little thing with some odd tendencies that will keep you rolling on the floor laughing. The barking at trash bags, growling at the clicking of a pen top, chasing of the vacuum cleaner, constant TV watching, sock hoarding, and snatching up homework off the printer with a blink of an eye! She definitely keeps us entertained!

She has quite the personality that truly makes our house a home.





 So I’m currently thinking of ways to incorporate Lola into our wedding plans, despite the mother of the bride’s strict no pup policy! I’m determined to find a way! One of the very first ways to get Lola in on the engagement fun was to order her a super cute “Dog of Honor” bandana.


 I got this one from Etsy, one of my biggest obsessions and where I’ve bought tons of wedding stuff (more ideas to come!). Check out All Puppies and Love shop here, you can customize a Dog of Honor bandana to fit your pup and to match your wedding! It’s too cute! I also started researching ways to incorporate man’s best friend into a wedding and there’s so many ideas! Who knew?! Here’s a cute article with some great pictures from Buzzfeed! I love the idea of incorporating our love for Lola into our cake or the groomsmen cake! I had a friend who had a little figurine of her pup made out of fondant and peaking out from underneath the bottom of the wedding cake, like it was a table skirt. It was precious! When one of my bridesmaids got married she expressed her love for her dog by giving out dog bone shaped candies to her guests as favors with information on a donation to the humane society that her and her husband made in her guests’ honor. Super cool idea! In this article from the Bridal Guide, it shows how you can have pictures of your pet as your table number cards at the reception. Check it out here. Most importantly, it listed things to consider when bringing your pet into the nuptials. Seeing how both our ceremony and reception venue won’t allow Lola to attend, I think we will be limited to someone bringing her for some post ceremony pictures and taking her home afterwards. And of course including her into our engagement session! Here are some of our engagement pictures featuring Lola…

View More: http://melissalynnhunt.pass.us/adamandbrooke2014

View More: http://melissalynnhunt.pass.us/adamandbrooke2014

View More: http://melissalynnhunt.pass.us/adamandbrooke2014

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