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For this week’s blog post I wanted to honor my amazing groom since it’s his birthday! He is officially just one away from the big 30! So Happy 29th Birthday to Adam! I told him, in honor of his birthday this week, it was grooms pick. I asked what he wanted people to know about our wedding planning and his response was, “That I have the most beautiful bride in the world.” Awwwww so well trained right?!? Haha! After I told him he had to be serious this is what he came up with…
Groom here… One of the few things I have total control over in our wedding planning is what my groomsmen and I are wearing. I am a big fan of practicality and I’ve always felt that tuxedos, while they look great, aren’t very practical long term. Most groomsmen rent a grossly misfitted (no fault of their own) tuxedo for the day of the wedding. Those who are lucky enough to have a proper fitting and get to keep the tuxedo are severely limited to when they can actually wear them in the future. I don’t want my groomsman wearing baggy tuxedos and I surely don’t want them to take up space in their closets for a garment that will, for the most part, collect dust.
Instead of tuxedos, I have chosen navy suits for us. In addition to the reasons above, every man needs at least one quality, supremely well-fitted suit in their wardrobe…and one of those unquestionably has to be navy. They are exponentially more practical and versatile than a conventional tuxedo, and the navy color will look good with absolutely anything. A navy suit with a stark white dress shirt, a navy textured tie, a pair of British tan oxfords, and a matching belt… my goodness what a gentleman!! Simplicity is often lost in this day in age with loud colors and patterns that detract from the greater purpose. Understated blues, in my humble opinion, should be the staple of a man’s suit collection. But I digress. Here’s to hopefully looking dapper on our wedding day.
So there you have it… my groom’s one responsibility that, as you can tell, he takes very seriously! He really is the most dapper there is and I’m sure he and his side kicks will look nothing short of prince charmings! With that said… I wanted you all to know how we told these handsome men they would be a part of our special day! Adam had a hard time with this because he’s never met a stranger and has so many important guys in his life. He was worried about having too many, and eventually I said to heck with the number rules! It’s your wedding and you invite as many people as you need to stand by your side! So he has 9 groomsmen and I will have 6 with 2 junior bridesmaids. With me being the not so traditional bride, I like that the numbers are uneven, I just think having the people you love in your wedding is far more important!
So I knew I wanted to ask our wedding party to be a part of this in a fun way (can’t wait till y'all see my bridesmaids gifts next week)! And it’s hard to find something fun, but yet not too cheesy, for the groomsman. So I found this great Etsy shop where you can buy digital downloads and print cute cards yourself… it’s great for those like me who aren’t computer savvy enough to make it yourself! So we printed those and gave them to his groomsmen, some at the same time and some had to be mailed, but either way, it was special! Here’s a look at the invite to be a groomsmen and Adam’s 9 guys (listed from top to bottom in the picture)… His long time best friend, Trevor, is his best man. His groomsmen are his 2 brothers Brian and Scott, my 2 brothers Beau and Brett, and his best friends from college Keith, Kyle, Brooks and Jeff. Such a sweet group of guys! :)
Groomsmen Collage
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