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Once you have your venues nailed down, one of the biggest vendors to book is the florist! It’s such a huge aspect to your big day and the flower world is a BIG confusing one! I had no clue where to start! We heard of some great florist in Charlotte and I kept reading that you really should meet with 2-3 to see who understands your vision the best and who has a style compatible with your own. So we met with three of the best and with the appointments on the calendar I, of corse, went to Pinterest for inspiration and pictures to take to them. With our date set in stone, as well as our venues, my dress and my bridesmaid dresses, I was able to really zero in on the style we were going for. I brought  those to the meeting, along with color swatches of the bridesmaid dresses and pictures of my dress and that’s where we started. And a really good thing to know going in… these meetings take a while! Like I said, the flower world is endless!!! And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate how much time these florist give you to explain what you’re looking for. We decided on the amazingly talented, award winning Lily Greenthumb! Karen is the owner, and her work is gorgeous and she immediately understood the rustic but formal style I was going for! Check out her work here.
One thing Karen brought to the table that helped the most to narrow down the intense amount of options was these books dividing up all kinds of flowers by color. She had me flip through each color that I was interested in and divide them into flowers I like and flowers I don’t like, then she went through and took out the ones that are not in season during late November from the like pile, and there you have it… we were left with the options for a late fall wedding that immediately caught my eye. It was the best way to come up with a visual! After that, she showed me the ones we picked out that pair nicely together and what it would look like. We started with the bouquets, then the boutonnieres, then the other flowers that the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and other family members would have. Then we moved on to the centerpiece ideas, which is a whole other side to it! It seemed like every time I threw out an idea, which was like every 30 seconds, Karen would get ten times more excited than the last idea and her, my mom and I were just bouncing off all kinds of beautiful ideas to complete the vision! It was so much fun! Probably my favorite wedding appointment to date, which for those who know me, I know this sounds crazy seeing how a cake tasting sounds like my biggest dream come true!
Something else that I think a bride should really take into consideration when it comes to flowers, is wanting to set your bouquet apart from your bridesmaids. Make sure you consider adding in at least one flower that will make yours stand out more. My bouquet is going to be full of fun fall textures, incorporating wheat grass and branches around a mix of olive, plum, mustard colored flowers. I’m even going to have real artichokes in the bouquets, I never would of thought of this on my own, it’s gorgeous! And to set mine apart from my girls, Karen is going to add in some white roses to give it that bridal touch! Also, to the brides-to-be who have lost someone special to them, incorporating some keepsakes into your bouquet is a great way to honor those loved ones. I plan on incorporating my grandmother’s pearls given to her by my late grandfather into the stems of my bouquet and even some vintage brooches that have been passed down to me over the years.
As for the centerpieces, that’s a work in progress, we will be meeting two more times to iron out those details, but we’re wanting to have a lot of branches with candlelight, beautiful green moss balls, and arrangements around lanterns… all of which the florist typically provides, flowers or not! This was news to me! And brides, if you’re looking at a way to save money with the flowers… I decided against flowers in the church. Let the beauty of your ceremony site speak for itself! I promise once you find your florist, you will have a visual of your day and it’s a great feeling to reach that milestone in your wedding planning process! :) Here are some pictures of my inspiration!
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