Diary of a Charlotte Bride | Introducing Adam & Brooke

Hi everyone!

My name is Brooke Patterson and I’m so honored to be Melissa Lynn Hunt’s next Diary of a Bride!

My fiancé’s name is Adam Hensley, and we’re getting married November 21st, 2015… 373 days, but who’s counting?!? We’re super excited and although it’s early on in our planning process, we’ve gotten a lot done! It’s crazy how much there is to do a year out from the big day!! I’m a very organized, make to-do list for my to-do list kinda bride and I’m itching to dive into the next task on my wedding timeline! I’m so excited to share this journey with you all, and I’m hoping that I can provide some planning ideas and tips that may inspire your wedding vision along the way!

First, a little about Adam and I… I’m a native Charlottian, born and raised. Adam was lucky enough to grow up on Pawleys Island in South Carolina. Now, we call Charlotte home where Adam works in the finance world and I’m finishing up school to be a pediatric occupational therapist. We’re busy bees, but in our free time we love to workout, catch a yoga class together, spend time with our precious dog Lola (you’ll get to know her really well!) cook together, and indulge in our guilty pleasure of our favorite primetime T.V. shows. Adam and I both went to the University of South Carolina, where we had all the same friends, but never met until two friends set us up a year after graduation. We were totally not into each other at first, but after a few weeks, (Adam loves this part) I randomly had a dream about him and texted to tell him about it, and it started a 2-week texting marathon! Pretty soon it was Christmas time and we saw each other for the second time and really hit it off. On Christmas day, my grandmother was sick and my family had to spend the holidays in the hospital. Adam left his family on Christmas and came to Charlotte to be there for me… this guy that I had only seen twice in my life!! So sweet right?!? From that point on, I knew I was going to marry him… fast forward nearly 4 years later and here we are!


We’ve been engaged for about 5 months, and I’m your typical bride who can’t plan fast enough, and Adam is definitely not your typical groom! He also loves this stuff! We’re both very involved in the planning process and excited to put both our personal touches on our big day. So you’ll be hearing some good groom’s opinions throughout this process as well! I also hope I can provide some unique ideas, some great DIY tips and some inside knowledge from one bride to another! I’m looking forward to getting started… let the planning begin!

Here's a little peek at our engagement session with Melissa!  I can't wait to share our entire session with you!

charlotte_nc_photographer Until next time…

Brooke Patterson,

Your Dairy of a Bride

(Diary of a Charlotte Bride)