Diary of a Charleston Bride | Wedding Shoes

When I originally picked the colors blush and gray for our wedding we had planned on doing gray suits, so I felt like there was a good balance of the two. However, now we have decided to go with black tuxedos, which have changed the color palette to primarily blush and white. Although I have brought in gray through the flowers I have been struggling to find other ways to incorporate it. One way I am working it in subtly is through accessories. I have been looking for wedding shoes, and because of the length of my dress I need a 2.5 inch heel. I am drawn to higher heels so at first I couldn’t find any that I liked. I finally came across a pair that was the right height and that I actually liked. And the best part is they come in gray!


Although I love high heels I think my feet will thank me for these lower ones by the end of the night!

I am also on the hunt for a different belt for the bridesmaid’s dresses- and I need your help!! The belt sold with the dress is a sparkly blush, which I was not crazy about. After browsing through my go-to, Etsy, I have come up with a couple different options. I am so torn between the two and I would LOVE to hear your opinions.

Here is the first one- the band would be gray. I love the vintage, romantic feel of it:


Here is the second one:


I think the beading on this is so beautiful, and it looks similar to my bridal belt. It would be a nice way to tie everyone together.

Please share your opinions; I am having such a hard time choosing because I like them both so much!

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