Diary of a Charleston Bride | Wedding Day Timeline

One thing that has stressed me out the most in planning is the logistics of everything. Obviously developing a tight schedule that flows well is key in having a successful wedding and oh my goodness it overwhelmed me when I started thinking about it! After speaking with a couple married girls I know and having them send me their schedules I started to feel a little better.  Developing my wedding timeline took longer than I expected, and it is still not finished.  When creating yours remember that the vendors you are using are pros at this and can offer you a lot of help! I was so anxious about the reception timeline until I spoke to my catering manager- she offered me a general schedule to start with that helped to guide me in creating our own.

Here is a great spreadsheet I found that I plan on transferring all my information over to. I absolutely love the “items needed” and “location of items” columns on it- I would hate to be at the church and suddenly realize that my handkerchief was at my house. I am terrible about misplacing things so having everything I need written down ahead of time with a designated location is SO necessary for me.

I hope to have the final spreadsheet and timeline finished by the end of next week so I can stop worrying about it! Do you have any tips or suggestions regarding the schedule?


**Diary of a Charleston Bride is a weekly blog post written by Allison.  Allison is one of Melissa Lynn Hunt's brides who will be married in Charleston South Carolina May 2014. You can follow Allison's journey through each blog post as she plans her big day!! To read blog posts from previous weeks go HERE.