Diary of a Charleston Bride | Long or Short Engagement - Which is Better?

old salem engagement Carter and I have been engaged since October of 2012 which feels like SO long ago. It feels like I have been planning forever and honestly is surreal that in less than 2 weeks all of our plans and hard work will come to fruition. Having such a long engagement was perfect for us, but it does have its downsides. I thought it would be helpful to come up with a list of pro’s and con’s for you!


Time: Time was the most obvious benefit for me. Planning a wedding is extremely time-consuming and when we first got engaged I was so overwhelmed even thinking about everything that needed to be done.  Booking the venue over a year before we needed it allowed us to go through things slowly and at our own pace. It was so nice for me because I could check one or two things off my list one week, take a week off, and come back to planning when I was ready. My stress level has been relatively low throughout everything and I really contribute it to all the time we had to plan!

Money: This relates to time, but having such a long engagement allowed us time to save money, and spread out payments. Doing this helped to reduce the impact to our bank accounts at any one time. Putting a large deposit on our reception venue last January didn’t feel like a big deal because we had plenty of time to bounce back, and save more.

Vendors: Planning early means first pick of vendors! I was able to have more than enough time to research exactly what I wanted and everything I selected was available. I like to research things before I do them, and having a long engagement allowed me to be able to do this without being rushed.  By nature I can be indecisive and I know it would have given me anxiety having to pick something quickly if I wasn’t 100% sure it was the right choice.


Time: Time is a huge pro, but it was also a con for me. Having so much time sometimes made me draw out choices and second guess myself, instead of having to come to an immediate decision.  It also got me very caught up in Pinterest and wedding blogs. I would see something and think I had to have it, which if I hadn’t had the time to look I would never have known.

Patience: Having a long engagement takes a lot of patience. Carter and I want nothing more than to be married already. Having friends get engaged after us, and married before has been hard! We are so ready for our special day and waiting has been difficult!

Obviously everyone has different opinions and circumstances so there is no “right” length of engagement.  Do whatever works for you and try to enjoy the process so matter how short or long it is!

old salem engagement

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