Diary of a Charleston Bride | Invitation Advice

I absolutely love how our invitations turned out and was happy with all the money I saved doing them myself, however there were definitely some setbacks. I wanted to share some tips with you in case you were thinking of doing yours on your own. Did you notice how I said almost all of our invitations were in the mail? If you are doing them yourself PLEASE be more on top of things than me! When I had my friend print them originally our guest list was 25 guests smaller.  She printed them all; I added some people and the thought honestly never crossed my mind that I didn’t have enough invitations. I had even ordered more of the envelopes to match the new number but nope, no invitations! Luckily when my mom realized it, I made a frantic call to my friend who ran out to Paper- Source, printed more and then FedExed them to us.

Another issue we had was with the RSVP envelope. I had purchased a stamp with our address to use on the envelopes to save us time and money. Well, I tried it out on all my thank you notes but never thought to try it on the actual envelopes. I know, super smart! When it came time to do them the paper that the invitations are on was too thick and textured so the stamp didn’t work. After a minor meltdown I ended up emailing the woman on Etsy who I purchased the invitation template from. She was SO helpful and created one on a PDF for me that we printed on the envelopes.

Basically, make sure you are super organized and start early. I think I could have saved myself some of the stress if I hadn’t waited until the last minute to start actually assembling the invitations.

One thing we did to hopefully save us some stress was to number all the response cards. A friend that recently got married told me that several people forgot to write their names on the response card, leaving them to try to guess the person based on the zip code. To avoid this situation we numbered the guest list, and then wrote the number on the back of the RSVP card. It was time-consuming but I think it will be worth it.

I hope some of this helps you! I came across a great article that I wish I had read before I started!


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