Diary of a Charleston Bride | DIY Match Boxes

Awhile back I mentioned that I had planned on doing a cigar bar at the reception to try to incorporate my dad and Carter into the planning. They have both been really excited about it, especially my dad. He is completely unaware of Pinterest so he has given me a lot of undue credit for “my” AMAZING idea! Last week with all the crazy weather I had a couple days off school which meant lots of time to get things checked off my never-ending wedding list. I made a lot of progress with the cigar bar that I am excited to share with you! I had thought about ordering personalized match boxes but after looking on Etsy I found these match box labels. For $12 plus $5 for the Avery labels and $8 for the matches I had a super cute wedding favor!


I headed over to World Market and stocked up on apothecary jars of different shapes and sizes to display the cigars and match boxes. Here is one jar full of the boxes- still have one to go!


Here are a couple of my inspiration pictures:



I love the idea of the ribbon and labels on the last one, I am going to try and replicate it for ours. Overall I am so pleased with how the match boxes came out and all the money I saved! What are some DIY favors that you have seen?

Here's a little How-To Video:

DIY Matchboxes from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.

Watch Allison as she teaches us how to make personalized matchboxes for your wedding reception.

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