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Wow, it has been a while! Hope your holiday season was wonderful- I know I enjoyed every minute of mine and got a lot done in regards to the wedding. I cannot believe that there are only 3.5 months left for planning my Charleston Wedding! One big thing that I checked off my list was finding bridesmaid dresses. I have always liked chiffon on bridesmaids and knew that I wanted it for my own wedding. Since we are getting married in May I feel that chiffon is perfect-light, airy and romantic!

Originally I wanted strapless dresses but after looking I really came to love the one shoulder look. I narrowed my search down a little and came across this one that I ultimately settled on after a fun morning of trying them on with my girlfriends!


While I opted to have all the girls get the same dress I love the brides that let the bridesmaids choose the style, or even color of the dress. How pretty and effortless is this??


When choosing a bridesmaid dress you have to know yourself. I love the look of different dresses but realize that would stress me out to no end. I am simply not laid back enough to trust that it would all come together so beautifully.

What are your opinions on bridesmaid dresses? Do you like something more traditional, or the look of different dresses?

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