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Having a wedding website these days is a MUST when wedding planning! It's such a great way to tell your love story, ramp up the excitement for the big day, provide all the key information, and it can even help you save money! Obviously I'm sold, but trust me it can be overwhelming, especially since it's the thing to do now... there's so many sites out there and it's really hard to pick one to use! Adam and I went with I got hooked on their wedding magazines early on in our engagement and their site has so many helpful tips and good inspiration, so I had to pick them! I think it's definitely a popular choice. I've heard really good things about also. So here's some tips that I picked up for creating the perfect wedding website along the way... First, pick a super cute format that totally fits your style. One that's cohesive with the rest of your wedding vision. Also, take the time to fill out the love story section! When else is it appropriate and not overkill on the cheesiness to brag about how much you love each other?! And you know every single guest invited to your big day doesn't know the details of how you met, how you fell head over heals, and how he proposed... so use your wedding site is a way to share that with everyone! This is also a good pace to give your wedding party the shout out they deserve! You don't want to your guests whispering in the pews, "Now tell me, how does she know her again?" as your bridesmaids walk down the isle! I'm picturing my grandmother doing that in her "quiet voice" right now haha! You can also only fit so much on those ceremony programs.

Second and probably most important tip... use the website to save some money honey!!! As I get further into this planning process I'm realizing how much I didn't allot for in the beginning. All these little things really add up! You can utilize your wedding website to save on some of those little expenses, like skip on the accommodation cards in your invitation package which run about $1.25 per invite and just place all that info on your website and list your site on your save the dates, or on the bottom of the invitation, so your guest know where to find it. You can take it a step further and add an RSVP button on your site and skip on buying those as well. Unfortunately, I have a slight obsession with all things mini, so I just have to have those mini RSVP cards and envelopes, but it's a good option to consider! Make sure you also include your registries on your site, ours linked up when we added them for super easy access to our guest.

Lastly, don't give up, stick with it! I'm not going to lie to yall, I got super frustrated while creating our website... it can be really time consuming! And one problem I had was uploading pictures. I just didn't seem to work for me, but I kept trying and finally got them to upload and I'm so glad I did because having a wedding website is another place to show off those engagement pictures that you're obsessed over! And make your groom do his part... this is a good wedding planning activity you can both work on together! Make a date out of it... even if it is forced ;)

So here's our site... There's of course still some things we need to fill in, but we're getting there! And checkout the countdown at the top too... only 239 days to go!!! :)


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