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What can I say?  I could probably go on and on about my little man.  I might could probably cross the line and come off as bragging. Oh well, what do I care?! This is my kid! I'm obsessed.

I think he is the greatest blessing of all time. He is on top of the charts, sitting right next to my husband. Every day is amazing.  I watch him wake up with sleepy eyes and fall in love.  I watch him go right for his race cars and fall in love. I watch him eat breakfast and, well, you guessed it.  I fall in love.  Every moment, every day.  I have even learned to love the fits he throws.  I have decided that I should appreciate those moments too.  After all, he believes in something and is fighting for it.  I love passion and I hope that every day he has that same passion, but in a much more controlled and mature delivery!

It is rare, very rare, that I pick up my "fancy" camera to photograph my son. I do implement my iphoneography skills quite often, and I sure do love a good INSTAGRAM.  (photogrlmelissa)  However, it's just not the same as capturing him with my Mark ii. These days, I have to be very specific.  I even have to mark it on the calendar.  Otherwise, a future client will just end up in the time slot!

This week, I marked the calendar and made it happen! I am so glad I did.  Gosh, he is growing up so fast and I just don't know what I would do without these priceless images of him.  My husband and I just stare at these images in awe! His personality shines through from start to finish.  From his little faces that show personality right down to how he quietly stands.

I truly tried my hardest to narrow down as much as I could.  But y'all, it's impossible.  If you have a kid, you get it. I know you do.  So if are still scrolling through and make it to the last image, I say, Thank you! Thank you for appreciating my sweet little guy's images as much as I do.


Yup! That's the face. concordchildrensportraits2

Oh man! I love his laughter. concordchildrensportraits3concordchildrensportraits4concordchildrensportraits5

I'm sorry, you want me to do what?  This picture above was one of the very first taken.  Can you tell his is "into" it! LOL. concordchildrensportraits6

There's that personality!! concordchildrensportraits7concordchildrensportraits8concordchildrensportraits9concordchildrensportraits10

Hands Down a  FAVORITE!!! This black and white will be printed for sure! concordchildrensportraits11concordchildrensportraits12

My husband and mom aren't a fan of the hat.  I kinda dig it!! It's a little too big for him.. so we shall call it his Pharell Hat! concordchildrensportraits13

This boy just got into super heroes. He only has two at the moment.  I love watching him pretend play with them.  concordchildrensportraits14concordchildrensportraits15concordchildrensportraits16

There's a growl that goes right along with that picture below! Can you hear it? heheheheconcordchildrensportraits17concordchildrensportraits18concordchildrensportraits19

Although I do not specialize in Children's portraits, I do on occasion photograph children.  If it's the right fit, I am up for it.  After photographing my son, and having such a blast capturing his little personality, I might want to think about getting back into Children's portraits more seriously!

I mostly just told him where I wanted him (for my lighting purposes) other than that I photographed him being him.  On occasion I might converse with him to get a reaction that I want to capture.  Let me tell you, though, this time was not easy.  He was ready to go after 2 seconds! No joke.  I'll be sure to share with y'all the outtakes real soon!

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