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Unlike many photographers, I picked up my first DSLR before I had my son.  My photography business was very premeditated. Let me explain. If you didn't already know, I did not go to college for photography.  I was an education major and received my bachelors degree in Elementary Ed.  I had a 6 year career as a kindergarten teacher, and I am thankful to be able to say it was a great 6 years.  During my teaching career I knew I wanted to eventually own my business and work for myself. I also knew that I wanted to be able to have as flexible of a job as I could.  I wanted to put my child's needs first as much as I could.  I have always felt that was most important.  Through a few life experiences during teaching and then getting married (thus working with a wedding photographer) a photography career surfaced.  I always had a love for taking pictures. More deeply, I had a love for preserving moments.

Like a true Cancer, I am very sentimental.

Growing up I  had a really nice point and shoot camera and I have tons of boxes, albums, and homemade scrapbooks to show for it.  A photography career was really meant to be.

Like any good amateur, I immersed myself into all things photography.  I found photographers on the web and scrolled through pages and pages of their work.  I picked up How -To books and read them cover to cover.  I also sought out classes and workshops that I could take while still teaching.  I set my goals and I aimed high.  I worked for free for a little while.  Then I saw how much work this whole "photography business" really was and I smartened up.  I was so smart, y'all.  I then started charging $25 a session. Oh yea, I was basically paying myself pennies. More like half a penny.  Eventually I realized that in order to run a business and not just a glorified hobby, I had to get real.  I officially launched a website and started charging what a small business needs to charge to be successful and call themselves a business!

Today, my business sometimes gets in the way of preserving my own memories.  I have to make a huge effort to pick up my DSLR and photograph my son, my dog, and the life around me.  I've become more aware of the effort I need to make, so I hope to get better. Last week I shared with y'all the little photo session I had with my son.  You can see it HERE if you missed it.  Well, today I want to share the out-takes! To me, they aren't entirely out-takes because they show his personality (and love for the photo session, Ha!).  None-the-less they show the moments in between and I love them.


The picture above is the new pose he is doing these days. concordchildrensphotographer2concordchildrensphotographer3concordchildrensphotographer4

It just wouldn't be a photo session with a boy unless the "stinky" feet come out! Ha!


Such hard work. concordchildrensphotographer6

This was what I got when I asked him to try and take his glasses and pull them down so I could see his eyes. concordchildrensphotographer7

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