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So this is my current collection of bridal magazines… AFTER throwing one round out about 6 months ago…
Yes I know I have a problem! haha! Bridal magazines have always been an obsession. I was that girl, that not yet engaged girl, that would sneak off while grocery shopping and look at them pretending to be in search of something else that we seemed to always forget we needed until at the checkout counter. Pathetic I know, but I loved it! I love planning things, I love fashion, and all the party ideas and pictures of dresses were always so irresistible! But I never allowed myself to buy one until I was engaged! That would have been crossing the line… or so I told myself in an effort to make myself feel better about my sneaking! Once engaged, I bought one every time we went to the store, on the way to every trip to the pool, and I was given a lot as gifts too! But now, almost a year after the engagement and being 75% finished with wedding planning, my love for bridal magazines has taken a turn. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love looking through them, but that’s my problem. What I used to love about them… all the ideas and pictures… have become my worst nightmare! This far into planning, I fill like my head could possibly explode if I read one more wedding planning idea! I love so many different things and I’m so open to so many ideas, that the last thing I need is to find myself questioning the decisions I’ve already made and wanting to change things around. Here is my bridal magazine break down for my fellow wedding planning brides…
Early on in the engagement, I found the best bridal magazines were the ones specific to where you are getting married, so in my case,Carolina BrideThe Knot The Carolinas Edition, and Charlotte Wedding were perfect for me. If I saw something I really liked, I knew it was attainable because the picture was taken locally. They also had all these great lists of vendors in the area, or surrounding areas, that were automatically options for me because they were near by and seeing it laid out in a big magazine spread made it easier to compare them versus searching the internet and clicking back and forth between a zillion opened tabs. This reception finder is an example of something I found helpful with the capacity and price listed.
Now, with all my big vendors booked, my wedding vision written in stone and mostly paid for, and the dress bought… it’s really hard to look through some of these magazines and not question my decisions! Really, I caution against it! As much as I’m in love with my dress, with how much I love fashion and shopping, I know it’s a real possibility for me to see something I like better… and that would be a disaster! So I try to avoid even buying bridal magazines now, unless it’s featuring something we haven’t decided on yet. Last week, I got the latest edition of Brides because it had articles on romantic honeymoon resorts, which will be the next big thing Adam and I book. It also had 25 ideas to personalize your party, and since we’re officially in the “details stage” of our planning, those kind of articles are really helpful and provide new ideas that I can take on, but not interfere with what’s already been decided and paid for. Another notable mention is Southern Bride, it has a lot of ideas that are local, but also highlights details that are specific to my taste, so that’s another one I find myself still buying.
So fellow brides consider yourself warned… if you are as far into planning as I am, stop picking up those bridal magazines every time you’re at the store! It does nothing but confuse you! And if you still have moments of weakness like me, go for the ones that have articles specific to things you haven’t booked yet and are still stumped on, then make yourself bypass all the pretty pictures of wedding dresses! :)
Just 176 Days To Go!!!!
Your Diary of a Charlotte Bride,
Melissa Lynn Hunt Charlotte NC Photographer