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Slowly but surely all the big aspects of our wedding day are coming together beautifully! It's finally all feeling so real! And now we can officially check the cake off the list! We recently met with 3 bakers in Charlotte to explain what we were looking for and to have cake tastings. Let me tell you... I thought the best part of planning would be trying on gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress, but tasting yummy cake after yummy cake gave the dresses a real run for their money! It was so fun! I have the biggest sweet tooth, so I was really looking forward to this part and my biggest suggestion... go hungry! It really fills you up! To set up the tastings, make sure you let them know how many people will be coming with you, so they can have enough cake for everyone. Most places will allow up to 3 people, perfect for me, Adam and my mom! Bring a lot of pictures and be prepared to be there for at least an hour! I figured a tasting would be just that, but all the meetings we went to were considered the main planning meeting, so along with tasting the different cakes, we also explained our vision, made a final decision on flavors and talked about the presentation of the cake too. We loved everyone we met with, but ended up going with the WOW Factor Cakes for our big day. They had the creativity and passion I was looking for!

Now being the Pinterest freak I am, I had a lot of pictures of cakes that I felt fit into the style of our wedding. I love all the rustic style cakes that look like tree trunks, and I love the glam aspects like the shimmer dusted icing. That's definitely more our style than the traditional all white cake with floral designs. I also loved the idea of cupcakes, so I went into the tastings a little torn on the cake vs cupcake decision. During the meetings, I had the bakers write a proposal for both and it turns out cupcakes are way cheaper! But I'm still traditional in the sense of wanting a cake to cut into and a tier to save for our anniversary. Ultimately, we decided on a two tier cake, one to cut at the reception, and one to save and the under the two tiers will be a huge display of cupcakes. This was the cheaper option, and also a way to blend my two styles that I love so much... the shimmer aspect for the cake and the rustic style for the cupcakes. Another cheaper alternative to having a big wedding cake is a small one or two tiered cake for you and your groom and then a sheet cake in the kitchen to be served to guest... something to consider.

As for flavors, I like all sweets! So this was tough to narrow down, thankfully we didn't have to just go with one! I wanted to keep our guests in mind and go with a traditional flavor that I knew everyone would like, then a more festive flavor for the second option. We went with the two tier cake and half the cupcakes being an almond cake with a chocolate ganache filling and a hazelnut buttercream frosting and the other half of the cupcakes a traditional carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. YUM! Some notable mentions include chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream, apple spice cake with carmel buttercream, and lemon cake and raspberry buttercream! YUM!

Presentation is EVERYTHING! This is one of the main reasons we went with WOW Factor was because they focused so much on the presentation of the cupcakes. The owner there has a really good relationship with our florist and they decided to collaborate on the presentation. I loved that! It'll be so beautiful for pictures! We decided on a the cake being on a tree trunk stand and the cupcakes spread across the table on different size stands, tree trunks, and maybe even on top of some old milk crates and barrels. Then the florist will incorporate some flowers as the cake topper and some green moss on the table around the cupcakes. So excited to see it all come together!

Check out WOW Factor's work here....

And here's some pictures from our tasting and our inspiration... Enjoy! Only 197 days to go!


Melissa Lynn Hunt Charlotte NC Photographer