Business Workshop | Katelyn James Workshop Experience Review | Part 1

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(photo credit: Katelyn James)

One of the scariest things for me to do is meet someone I have idolized on the web.  Scary. Heart-racing. I might throw up.  Yes, they are a celebrity to me, but that's not the scary part.  For me it is the uncertainty of whether or not they will live up to how they are portrayed online.  Do you know what I mean?

I have followed Katelyn James and her photography business for 3 years via online and in social media.  I receive her newsletters, blog updates, and I make it a point to check in on her instagram often.  I've always known I would learn from her one day, I just didn't quite know how.  She offers both individual coaching and group workshops.  I would go back and forth in mind about which option would be best for me.  Well, I finally had made the decision, and let me tell you .. it was one of THE BEST business decisions I have ever made.

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you were able to see real time posts of me at the workshop.  Y'all, it was the most perfect workshop even in the frigid cold and snow!

The workshop itself was 2 full days of learning with a styled shoot on day 1.  However, we all had the chance to meet up with Michael and Katelyn the night before the workshop started.  It was honestly and excellent opportunity to meet for the first time, get out the jitters, and break the ice with everyone.  Over appetizers and desserts we informally got to know each other.  There were 10 photographers that sat around with Michael and Katelyn chatting about where they are from, what television shows they obsess over, and yes Taylor Swift was discussed!  It was an awesome opportunity to instantly click with everyone.  And I knew I was in good company when I found out that Michael and Katelyn's DVR matches mine.

I bet at this point you are wondering if Katelyn has lived up to all I have imagined?

The answer is yes!

Katelyn and Michael are exactly how they appear online and in social media. They are true industry leaders with a desire to serve others. They are welcoming, kind, forthcoming, and fun!

They took such good care of us during our entire time with them. We were welcomed into their home and given all the comforts we could need. They fed us fabulous meals and even had dessert! They offered us blankets to snuggle in while we learned and even offered us the upstair loft to lay down in if we needed a break. We were blessed with beautiful snow during the styled shoot, however it was not so much a blessing when it came to driving in it!  Michael graciously chauffeured all the attendees to and from the hotel so that we were safe.  Michael also took the time to start all of cars and scrape off snow and ice before we had to leave! That my friends is a true sign of who Michael and Katelyn are as people, not just business owners.


The 3 days I spent in Virginia had everything to do with God's plan and timing.   I sit here reflecting on every little aspect of this trip and workshop.  The weather could've made it a struggle to be there, but it held off enough for us to make it to their home safely.  The group of photographers I shared this experience with are absolutely amazing women. All whom I have connected with and can continue to grow and learn with.  I know that God chose this perfect time for me to attend this workshop because he knew I would be entering a transition in my business. He knew I would need this workshop right now.  He knew and he provided.

I feel tremendously blessed and grateful by God, Katelyn and Michael.


(Katelyn loved having her picture taken, hehehe)

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(Behind the scenes during the styled shoot.  It was just a little cold.  No big deal. Photo credit: Katelyn James) 

Business Workshop - Katelyn James Workshop Experience