Bath Time

I've made a personal goal for myself this year.  The goal is to keep my camera out of the bag, always with a fresh memory card and battery, ready for any moment. Last year I didn't do such a great job at photographing everyday personal moments.  I definitely made sure to take those milestone or special occasion photos...but definitely regret not taking more everyday ones.

My first everyday moment is Bath Time.

Bath time in our house is either a really fun time or a rush we are sooo past our bed time.  We try to keep it on the fun side! I knew that I was going to photograph this particular bath moment, so I filled the tub a little more than normal. Okay wayy more than normal. Jason is not thrilled.  Noah thinks I am the coolest mom alive. I also went a little over board on the bubbles. If only you could've heard Noah's giggles when he saw the amount of bubbles.  Coolest. Mom. Alive.

This boat whooooshed in and out of the water for a solid 30 minutes.  Noah was the happiest 2 year old in this moment.

I'm pretty sure this last image will be a large print in my house very soon!