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One thing that was never in question for Adam and I was the big band versus DJ predicament. We both always wanted a band! My love for live music at parties goes back to my sorority days as the Gamma Phi Beta internal social chair, planning functions and always pleading my case for extra money for a band instead of a DJ. Don't get me wrong, DJ's are super fun and when you think of a great party, you do tend to automatically think of a DJ playing all the latest hits that you hear on the radio today, with some classic wedding reception songs that everyone knows the words to thrown in the mix. It's a guaranteed good time, but I just can't pass up the opportunity for live music! I think most people go with a DJ because they think bands limit you to a certain type of music at your reception with a very limited play list making a scene from the movie "The Wedding Singer" come to life. I told someone just the other day about us having a band and their response was, "You mean like a 5 string band!?" lol! I think a lot of people just don't understand the band at a wedding idea, but trust me, if you take the time to really look into bands and listen to their demos, you will find that they can play a whole lot more than the classic, "Build Me Up Buttercup!" It is time consuming though!! Adam and I went through tons and tons of demos from different bands and different agencies in the Southeast, but it was really fun to do together! Two great agencies to look into are Music Garden and East Coast Entertainment. They have bands and DJs that they manage and some agencies even provide a promise written into the contract that if something were to happen to your wedding entertainment, even just hours before your event, they will have a back-up on stand by ready to take over! This is great for easing the mind of a nervous bride! Another thing to consider when deciding between a band or a DJ, is the size of your space! One benefit of a DJ is that it is just typically just one person and a small amount of equipment compared to a band! Our first venue location was very familiar with the band we chose, and we knew making room for them wasn't going to be an issue, but when we switched reception venues, that was one of the first questions we asked... "Will our band fit and show us where they will go." Also ask if they travel with a stage, or are you expected to rent one for them, and the size of the stage needed so you can give that info to your venue. Our band requires a BIG stage! So we had to actually cut down on our guest list just to make sure they could fit comfortably and not make the room look too crowded. This wasn't a huge loss for us though... The band is a splurge that we both always wanted, so we were willing to do whatever necessary to make it work out... It's all about what is important to you!

A band is also a splurge financially! Bands are far more expensive than DJs, so keep that in mind too. If you want to cut corners somewhere, a DJ is a good place to do so... It can save you thousands! For us, it was more important to save on other things to be able to afford the band we wanted. To each bride her own though!

No matter which way you go... Band or DJ, you're going to have a blast! Each has their own way of getting the party started! We just like the idea of the sweet synchronized dance moves and fine instrumentals that a band can bring to the table!! Check out our band's demo here and get super pumped for the dance party of the year in just 7 and a half months!!! ;)

Your Diary of a Charlotte Bride, Brooke


Melissa Lynn Hunt Charlotte NC Photographer