Photography Intern | Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

Bringing on an intern to your business is very exciting!! I knew that if I ever had this chance, I would take it. First and foremost, I love to teach. I love to share with others all the amazing things I learn. Secondly, I would love the help in the office and on photo sessions.

Kayleigh is currently a high school senior with an interest in photography. She is at a point where she is deciding what to major in when she goes to college. Since she is unsure what a photography career could look like, she would love to get a taste of what it's like through an internship.

When Kayleigh was sent my way (or as I like to say, sent from above!) I knew from the first meeting we would be a good fit! I was impressed with her from the start. We met for the first time over ice cream. I had my 3 year old, so it was only appropriate that sprinkles were involved. Kayleigh had to attempt to have a professional conversation with me, while I chased my son all over the ice cream shoppe. Let me tell you, she handled it well. I may have been frazzled, but not Kayleigh. She was patient, understanding, and treated my son very well. (then I was thinking, "Hey, she can babysit too!" Just kidding, Kayleigh!).

When we met for ice cream, I thought we were just meeting to get acquainted, just chat a little. Well, Kayleigh had taken this meeting seriously and prepared some awesome questions that she wanted to ask. I knew right then that she was serious about an internship and truly wanted to learn. It was an easy decision to have her join my team.

I am so happy to introduce you this amazing young woman who has such a bright future ahead of her!! I would also like to mention she was voted "Everyone's Best Friend" by her high school peers for the senior superlatives.  Need I say more? This girl ROCKS!

Welcome aboard Kayleigh!!

(We had a little photo fun before we had to work the other day!)