2016 Senior Model Welcome Party | Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer

To have others support and believe in my dreams by far is the most rewarding feeling in the entire world.

This new group of young ladies, including their parents, have given me the biggest reward of my career thus far.

Sunday morning I had knots in my stomach.  I was so anxious and incredibly nervous.  I had prepared as much as I could for this day, but of course I never feel as though I have.  Either way, I was getting ready to welcome 16 new high schoolers into my 2016 Senior Model Program.

We gathered at a local pizza place to officially kick off our year together.  One long table filled with some of the most promising young ladies in our world.

There is no doubt in my mind that my model team is quite extraordinary!

At this very table there are dreamers like myself.  We have big plans for now and for the future.

And to think we will be able to say ... it started with a slice of a pizza.

I hope enjoy a peek into our time together! Of course our "fancy" video is posted too!!


How adorable is this pic below!!! Love love love!


After we enjoyed our time at the restaurant we headed over to Emleigh's and Mama B's Boutique!  Along with Apricot Lane, Emleigh's and Mama B's will be working with my 2016 Senior Models!! Emma was so gracious to open her store just for us!!! We had our own little private party!  The girls were able to shop around, enjoy sweet treats, and of course have fun with the photo booth!!

2016 Senior Model Entrance from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.


I would like to thank Afton Pub & Pizza for graciously hosting our welcome party!! They were extremely kind to us and provided us with excellent service!! I must say they have very delicious pizza!!

A big thank you goes to Emma, Kelsie and Lisa for allowing us to take over your boutique and have so much fun!  I am so excited that my seniors will be able to shop at such a trendy and fabulous boutique!! We are thrilled to be working with you this year!!

I would also like to thank Meredith of Meredith June Photography for being so good to me!!  Meredith is to thank for all of the behind the scenes photos you see in this post!  Because of you, Meredith, I was able to enjoy this time with my new team and not have to worry about a single picture!! You rock!

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to the models who couldn't be with us!  We missed celebrating with you and look forward to when you can join us next!!!

Melissa Lynn Hunt, Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer, also serves Concord, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Harrisburg, and surrounding cities.

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