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Meet Melissa

Hi, I am Melissa Lynn Hunt!

I am raising two awesome boys, loving life with my husband, leaning on Jesus, and showing young women just how beautiful they are through my one of a kind role model program. 

I quickly took notice at the way our lives are heavily influenced by what we see on social media. With the immediate connection to anyone around the world we are so easily misled by ...


Genuine Team

A mentorship program for high school girls to foster genuine connection and community to prepare them for a future of leadership and social impact.

"This program was a wonderful experience for the girls. I believe they grew in their confidence and made friends that they would not have made had it not been for this opportunity... The girls that complete this model course were already beautiful before they started. They finished the course with not only a greater sense of their beauty on the outside, but knowledge of life lessons that will help them in their futures."
- Amy S., Cami's mom

Senior Portraits

Your senior portrait, in it's truest most authentic form, is a story about who you are at this very moment in time. It's about your incredible personality, your contagious laughter, the love you radiate, the things you value the most, and the young woman you have become. The young woman your parents are so proud of. 

As an #mlhsenior you get to unapologetically be yourself. 

And that is the most beautiful gift you could receive. 


"The entire process of the senior photo shoot was so organized, exciting, and awesome! From the sign up/ choose your date, to choosing the location, the reminders for how to prepare, hair and make-up and the actual photo session. One of the things I loved the most was how special you made my girl feel.  She felt beautiful and special!  It was such a special day for me as a mom because I have learned to cherish every moment we spend together this year because she will be in college next year."
- Kelly T., Taylor's mom

Upcoming Events

The #mlhseniors role model program year runs for 18 months January through June. We have an incredible line up of classes, events, and photoshoots planned. These are exclusive to high school senior girls who are enrolled in the program.